Relaxation Bundle

Video clips of different relaxation techniques to help you through your busy caregiving day


A Great Series to Help You Relax and Rejuvenate as You Navigate Through Your Caregiving Day

I am so blessed to have such generous friends. I have know each of these instructors for a very long time. Each one brings his or her particular expertise to their teaching. Yoga Instructors Wendy Young, Ron Cohen and Linda Martinez take us through various techniques to help us relax and restore ourselves.

The first three focus on breath and relaxation, while the last two focus on releasing stress being held within the body. The poses shown are taught from a seated position in a chair, so they can be done at work, at home, anytime you have a moment. You will find clips on:

  • Deep Breathing
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Guided Meditation for Grounding
  • Sun Salutation in the Chair
  • Triangle Series Adapted to the Chair


Your Instructor


Hi all,

My name is Karen Bromberg and I'm the founder of HelpYouThru.

I'm passionate about supporting family caregivers as they care for their loved ones. For me, it's personal. It's what I would've wanted when I was caring for my parents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, back in 2012.

I was lucky. Being a certified yoga instructor for well over a decade, I knew stress management techniques. That didn't stop me from gaining 17 pounds in the space of weeks and being so sick that I had to be on antibiotics for a month (all the while, still caring out my caregiving duties).

I am so glad I can be of help to others. It's what I live for now.

Get started now!